How to Get Free Moviestarplanet VIP Codes

Free Moviestarplanet VIP

If you are a person into games, then Moviestarplanet is undoubtedly a one-stop destination for you. There is obviously no wonder that you want to enjoy the game to the fullest with all its features as available in the VIP mode.

Now, it’s time for you to get the VIP from Moviestarplanet. And what can be any better when you get it for free?

Two Ways To Get Free MSP VIP

Probably you too wanted to try out the VIP mode for free and have tried to access it via changing the password or email address, by sharing your account with another movie star who claims to make you VIP, believing in the fake promises from various websites, by installing some kind of external software or by sharing the id to some websites.

Method 1 :

So, let’s move towards the steps to follow that would lead you to your free access to the VIP mode.

  1. Select the VIP or package you are looking for (Note that you should not do this trick from an account that has previously purchased VIP). You should try to choose cheap packages for the least risks.
  2. Now, press the mobile icon. Then you want to keep the spamming lag-free button.
  3. You should now refresh and wait a minute before you log back. Give it a few minutes.
  4. Now after some five minutes or more you can log in.
  5. Now, refresh. Spin the wheel appears on your screen.
  6. Try your luck at the wheel and voila! You can now avail to Moviestarplanet VIP features for free.

Even though the trick works all the fine while purchasing the cheapest weekly package but this may not work with you.

Method 2:

If the above mentioned method did not work with you, then don’t worry! Here’s another one. You can follow it step by step as mentioned and get your lucky VIP mode and a chance to enjoy Moviestarplanet to its best.

  1. At first, create your account on Moviestarplanet.
  2. Then, create your character or movie star.
  3. Now that you are done with the basics, you can now click on the VIP button and then choose a package you like most.
  4. Go to the payment option.
  5. Choose a payment method.
  6. Now you should try to put you best guessed wrong credit card or visa numbers.
  7. Give the account five minutes, and then the VIP will show up
  8. Leave it overnight since you kept doing it wrong.
  9. You must try that for 10 times or even more to get.
  10. Log in and log out as fast as you can.
  11. Spin the wheel appears on your screen.
  12. Give it five minutes, and that’s it! VIP mode is all yours now.

Now just in case any of these don’t work, you can always take the legal path and wait for your lucky moment. The way is as simple as that. As you can see, there is a weekly competition in movie town in which you can participate. By winning that competition, you can become VIP for free.

Final Thoughts

This is the safest way to keep your account secure, and at the same time, you stay loyal to your favorite game. But one last comment, to sum up, you must keep your ears and eyes open if someone is not deceiving you with false promises.

Good luck!

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