How To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards

free xbox gift cards

There are different kinds of gifts one receives in his life as a reward or on occasion. Some receive chocolates, flowers, and some receive jewelry and clothes.

Also, some wish to have Xbox gift cards as gifts. For a gaming lover, no other gift can be good than the Xbox gift codes, as receiving the former as a gift would allow one to satisfy the craving for Xbox games.

Many Xbox lovers do not get access to the authorized Xbox games online as either they have to pay for it to buy or they are restricted to use the content because of security features.

However, in this article, you will get to know about how to get free Xbox gift cards, which would remove the barriers in playing the game.

Introduction to Xbox gift cards

Xbox gift cards are the free vouchers that are developed to allow the user to use the services of Microsoft without any restrictions.

Generally, it is seen that there are restrictions in different countries for playing the Xbox game, and one has to share the credit details in buying the game.

Thus to avoid this, Microsoft launch gift cards are available at different online stores. The user can redeem and then they can play the games or use the other services of Microsoft. 

Items that you can buy through Xbox gift cards

  1. Various applications present in the Microsoft score
  2. Different movies
  3. TV shows or serials
  4. Game maps
  5. Game coins
  6. Separate game subscription

Legal ways of earning free Xbox gift cards

There are some legal ways to make free Xbox gift cards. Some of these are

1. Xbox live gold quest

In this method, you will have to participate in a contest named as gold quest, where you will compete with other players to get the prize.

In this event, there is a different kind of quests that determines the result. The best part is if you win only one quest, then also you can have the chance of winning the free Xbox gift cards.

 2. Microsoft rewards

You will have to create an account on the Microsoft so that you will get the Xbox gift cards. You will also need to spend 30 minutes per day to earn the digital free card. Start playing daily on the website of Microsoft, and then you can earn points and can earn gift cards.

 3. Online survey websites

There are many online survey websites which conduct different types of survey related games, on completing these survey games you can earn points, which in return would make you eligible for buying free Xbox gifts.

The best thing about this gift is that it contains denominations in dollars which can be used for buying the different services of Microsoft.


Once you become aware of the various ways of getting free Xbox gift cards, the process of playing Xbox games will become easier, thereby giving advantage in using Microsoft services. This was all about How to get free Xbox gift cards- ways of getting gifts free.

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