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Nintendo switch online free

On September 2018, Nintendo switch started its online service. It resembles a popular game like Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus, as it also gives access to more than one player. It also has a classic of NES games in a library.

However, only those who have taken subscription can access those games. But, the best part is that it does not fully replicate its online service like other games. There are many more things to know about its online service, especially if you have not to access Nintendo switch online free till now. Our article covers everything that a player should know.

Nintendo switch online subscription

There are two types of subscription available for its players- one for individual and other for family. Only a single user is covered in the first one, whereas up to eight users are included in the family subscription.

Get the individual subscription for $20 for a year whereas for $4 and $8 he/she can get one and four-month subscriptions respectively.

The family subscription is available at the cost of $35 for a year. To get this subscription, one has to link to a family group or he/she can create a group as well. Moreover, you can get a family subscription with your friends by making a group on your account. It will cost you less. This is an auto subscription which gets renew at the end of the month.

Nintendo switch online free membership

Mario kart 8 and Splatoon 2 games were available for free for the online multiplayer before the launch of switch online. Now, one has to get a subscription to use the Nintendo online features.

Players who have an amazon prime can get free membership of Nintendo for one year. It is easy to claim the unused eshop codes. However, if you don’t have amazon prime, then this is not a good deal as you have to spend an extra $119 a year to get the membership of amazon prime.

Benefits of the membership

  • Play with other users of Nintendo
  • Access to NES games
  • A smartphone app
  • Saves cloud data
  • Special offers and deals

Moreover, you can switch off this membership once the free subscription is over.

Nintendo switch online app

It has an app using which players can chat with their friends while playing games. Get the app from the android or iOS phone. It has a voice chat option to enhance your multiplayer experience.

Cloud saves data

Earlier, there was no backup to save your game and information which is resolved now. The Nintendo Switch online has cloud backup to protect your data. You will now don’t lose game progress not even when your console breaks. However, few games like dark souls remastered, pokemon let’s go, dead cells and splatoon 2 do not support this feature.

But, an exception is that in case a player cancels his/her subscription, then the cloud backup will get lost forever. Moreover, the cloud saves get automatically deleted after six months.

Almost 20 games are easily accessible with Nintendo switch online free. Each month more games are added to it.

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